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 Auction Discussion
Comments about organization, staffing, etc. Include questions. This list is a resource for the auction so we can keep the auction items list clean. So use it however you need to use it.
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Auction Discussion
Please add any comments about organization, staffing, etc. Include questions. This list is a resource for the auction so we can keep the auction items list clean. So use it however you need to use it.
Suggestion for ways to think about auction items

Let's try to reach beyond the tango theme. The items that will bring in the money will appeal to a much larger market, even if we'd bid high on them within the tango community. Dinner certificates? Perhaps we could go back to the bartending school again? (There's a tango connection with the owner.) Other art? Denis, do you have contacts? Gift certificates from high-end vendors in Eugene? I'm adding a few ideas to the list just to get folks started thinking.

March 8, 2006 10:56 AM   jennifer_rondeau
Another set of ideas for auction items

Are there professionals in the tango community willing to donate a package of their services? Tax preparers/accountants? Massage therapists? Body workers of other sorts? Even lawyers in independent practice? Appraisers? Others?

March 8, 2006 2:26 PM   jennifer_rondeau
Portland Publicity

Gregory has the benefit milonga at Berretin set up; we will also publicize the auction there. Jerry and Jay have agreed to help publicize both auction and milonga at tango events from now forward. Will someone else contact Bill, Megan, Laurie Ann, others for similar assistance, or shall I?

March 9, 2006 6:33 PM   jennifer_rondeau
Publicity in other communities

Shall we contact individuals in other Oregon communities who regularly attend milongas/practicas/lessons in Eugene and Portland? Who would be willing to make the contacts? Who would be good folks to contact?

March 9, 2006 6:34 PM   jennifer_rondeau
Support activities

Do we want to charge for the auction, and have the price include light refreshments? Perhaps we could get someone (a pro) in the community to donate refreshments . . .

March 9, 2006 7:26 PM   jennifer_rondeau
Jennifer's original blurb

Auction planning and lists of items for donation to be auctioned.
Immediate need is for auction to help raise $5000 to pay back rent (as of March 7, 2006).
Jennifer Rondeau has created the project and will maintain the list of items and track their status. Please especially help us come up with big-ticket items (anyone have a vacation condo/timeshare?)
We also need the following:
* Someone to organize the auction itself (date? time? place? auctioneer?)
* Someone, preferably a real professional, to do the live auctioneering. Does anyone know someone?
* Someone to design a program
* Someone or ones to decide if all items are worth a live auction, or if we should plan a silent auction for smaller items (assuming we want to solicit and accept them).
* Last but not least, a committee to organize all the above.
Volunteers are welcome to add to this project, e-mail me ( or the e-tango list, or call me at 541.338.4243.
If we can, let's think also about making this event a regular thing. All this idea means right now is that if you have a suggestion for something you don't think we can get right away, send it in or put it on the list and indicate it as such. We'll deal with it later.

March 15, 2006 7:03 PM   greg
Jennifer's original request for items

Please add a list item for any suggested donation for auction. Include an actual or estimated value, and a minimum bid if you like or think it appropriate. Please also indicate the status of the item as follows:
* you are donating
* you will solicit and get donation
* you will solicit but someone else will need to do the legwork (deliver paperwork, pick up)
* you are suggesting but someone else will need to solicit and do legwork.
We need ideas as much as we need items. If you can suggest only, if you have ideas for how to get the item (contacts, web resources, etc.), please indicate them as well.

March 15, 2006 7:04 PM   greg
general questions

reserve price?
limits on item?
number of items?

March 15, 2006 7:05 PM   greg

tango shoes
tango cds
tango lessons
spa gift certificates (Gervais, London Hair, Face It ...)
dinner gift certificates (Adam's Place, Soriah, Le Marche)

Suggestions: catered dinners --
Gourmet cooks from TC volunteer to prepare n-course meal for bidder at bidder's home or venue of choice. Dates may be restricted, as may a deadline for making arrangements.
Rebecca Oswald, who has enchanted us with her piano playing, has offered to include an hour of piano music as part of a package including such a dinner. She has suggested that we offer a package at the TC. This variation would probably be bigger (offered for up to 12 guests?), and might require cooperation of more than one chef.
Rebecca also suggested Craig Einhorn as the entertainment for another similar package; she or I will contact Craig.
Other entertainers interested?

March 15, 2006 7:08 PM   greg

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