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 Auction Organization
things that need to be procured or done to make the auction happen. sign-up sheet.
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Auction Organization
a list of things that need to be procured or done to make the auction happen. there will eventually be a sign-up sheet.
Items needed to support silent auction

tables, tablecloths, bidding sheets for each item

March 9, 2006 7:25 PM   jennifer_rondeau

Live Auction Team

We want this to be quick & fun & effective.

We need people to fill these roles, as part of our live team:

1. Item table manager: gives items to the delivery runner, take items from the retrieval runner. Knows what order things are presented in. Has the same list as presentation team, and listens for order mistakes.

2. Delivery runner: gets the next item, and gives it to the presenter. Must be very gentle.

3. Retrieval runner: retrieves item from presenter, brings it to item table manager. Must be very gentle.

4. Presenter: holds up the item, walks it to the crowd if necessary. Must be very gentle.

5. Bid collector: someone with keenly sensitive hearing & motion vision, walks in front of crowd, watches for people raising their numbers for a bid, listens for the amount if different from the current request. Keeps in constant contact with auctioneer.

6. Info collector: keeps a copy of the list, and goes to collect the winning bidder's info (and maybe the 2nd & 3rd place), while the auction moves on.

7. Auctioneer team:
Erica, Sara, Rebecca will provide wit, spin & goad
Greg: calling the bids
a. promote the item, both from script and improvisationally
b. encourage bidding, get the crowd excited
c. keep raising the price, but close the item when the bidding stops.

Update: Thanks to Rebecca, Sara, Erica & Kathryn for the auctioneering.
Thanks to Charles, Liz & Jacqueline for the floorcraft.

March 17, 2006 3:21 PM   greg
Sub-projects I'm point-of-contact for ...

* live auction team
* part of promotion
* auction printed program (with items + Tango Times)
* tables & chairs
* live auction numbers, forms & info collection

March 21, 2006 9:54 PM   greg
Silent Auction

We'll divide the silent auction items among the tables we have. We'll then label the tables: by number or color or whatever ... we'll close each table seperately ... before the post-intro Tanda we'll announce that the silent auction for "table 1" will close "in 20 minutes or two tandas", just before the live auction. Then we'll close the other tables during the dancing after the performances.

Update: Pamela, Susan & Deanna have taken this on.
Update: Thanks to all of the silent auction assistants: Loren, Michael, Tegan, Rebecca O., Robin etc.
And all the donors!

March 24, 2006 11:53 AM   greg

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