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 Tango Bombs
Quick & instant milongas
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Greetings Tango zealots,

The time for Tango fundamentalist extremism has come.
I am happy to co-coordinate the first Eugene Tango Bombs (not at all different then the hit-and-run tangos of yore) this Saturday to raise energy and awareness for our auction Saturday night!
We've got the posters. We've got the boom box. You provide the bodies and bring your hats and fringe and outdoor heels. Be on time- the bomb waits for no one.

March 23, 2006 12:03 PM   rebecca

Upcoming bombs
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When & Where
Saturday, March 25
1st bomb) Saturday Oakway center 12noon sharp. Outside on the green in front of the food court (weather pending we might bomb indoors).

by 12:15 we leave...

2nd bomb) meet at Starbucks on 13th St. at exactly 12:30pm, next to campus. Perhaps some planted disciples in the coffee crowd could leap up and join in....?

BY 12:45 we leave...

3rd bomb) the Library at 1:00pm (indoors if they will let us, otherwise outdoors).

we leave at 1:15pm and walk to..

4th bomb and mini milonga) Kesey plaza on Broadway at 1:30pm. We stay for a while, show off, and disperse into thin air...

The appeal for this in is the timing. Andrew M. and myself are driving if anyone would like to carpool. If there is another vehicle for this operation let me know soon. Anyone who would like to ride with me, I will be leaving the Corner house by 11:40am Saturday.

March 23, 2006 12:03 PM   rebecca

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