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Potential locally-based activities on West Broadway in Downtown Eugene
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Community Centers
Special-purpose, self-sustaining public centers
Downtown Ceramics Center

A world-class public educational facility, showcase for local artisans, cooperative studio space.

Eugene already has several ceramic facilities, but they are either packed (Maude Kerns, UO Craft Center) or inaccessible (Ceramics at the UO). Ceramics is a perfect public participatory project -- people working on ceramics will work all hours of the day or night, they come from all age groups and walks of life, they inspire each other, they take classes ... and there is no central location for people to buy local ceramics.

This could fill the growing need for studio space, expand the offerings of classes locally, and complement existing ceramics businesses and galleries. The notion is to grow the ceramics scene locally by putting a central space downtown, to help link the various ceramic interests in town.
Film Center

Cooperative studios, workshops, production incubator, school, theatre, equipment rental, video rental center, non-profit agent, etc.

Modeled loosely on successful projects like Manhattan's DCTV.
Photography center

School, non-profit agent, gallery, rental shop, coop workshop, etc. Modeled loosely on the successful Seattle project, PCNW.
Woodwork Center

Carpentry school, artisan woodworking school, public wood education center, gallery/showcase, workshops, studios, etc. There are many examples of these sorts of craft schools (example) ... putting it downtown could make this one of the most popular and high-quality craft schools of its kind.
Printmakers' Center

Screen-printing, letterpress, woodblock, intaglio, engraving ... gallery, school, lectures, workshops, studios, project incubation, poster-making agent, etc.
Community Computing Center

This is partly inspired from the role that EFN in Downtown Eugene used to play, as a place where computing presentations and Open Source programming work in the public interest could take place. It would also a place where people can find Open Source experts, buy systems built with Open Source software, and generally organize community-minded computing activity, of a sort that provides public-service, on a drop-in basis, and self-funding incubation of innovative public domain technology.
Shoe Center

The proposal for this is at
Costume center

School, workshop, gallery, where people work at all hours on their design and construction skills for clothes and costumes. Could be combined with a home for the Mask-making guild as well. Would have ties to dance, theatre, film, and event communities in Eugene.
Appropriate tech center

An education and service center committed to locally-made, public domain, mostly human-powered inventions that solve peoples everyday problems.

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