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 Eugene Central
Proposed community center in the heart of Eugene, Oregon
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The idea
... of Eugene Central
A catalyst for community networking

Bringing together everyone, and all their strengths and passions, to create projects and expand possibilities in their City.
A place for everyone

empowerment through art space

addressing all major issues

... at risk youth ... vets ... emotional issues ... domestic abuse ... health care ... community-based local economics ... mutual aid ... city-wide alliances ... incubate energy (so it can expand) ... where all things meet ... senior / youth activity ... indigenous rights ... immigrant rights ... human rights ... urban ecology
A hive of activity

A place where problems are solved ... a place to find people to work with ... a place to share ideas and find people to work with, make dreams into reality ... a place where peole of all skills levels can learn something, with varying commitements ... a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities can mingle and work together ... a place where performance and participatory activities overlap and interact ...
A place to DO things

An opportunity center

A microcosm of the entire town

Planting seeds

a very vibrant thing needs to have lots growing within it

... updates on the Eugene Central project
Coming Soon!

Soon we will be adding a feature on this site that will allow people to easily post their proposals of what they would like to see happen in Eugene.

The goal is to gather all the ideas of what people want to create downtown (i.e. teen center, community coffee co-op, veteran support center, childcare, recording/AV studio, educational opportunities, dance, interfaith center, non-profit office space, the list goes on!) and develop a combined proposal. We would like to focus on developing a community resource center (possibly in the Center Court building), as we strategically plan for all of the unoccupied spaces throughout the Broadway District.

Essentially this would be a place to bring everything together in Eugene. Eugene has a lot of great things happening, but much of our energy is dispersed. We could benefit from more community collaboration. We all want a vibrant downtown, and the best way to do that is to involve everyone in the discussion of what we could do.

December 6, 2007 11:49 PM   Haley Wilson
Our Vision: Culturally Vibrant Corazon

Our vision is to renovate an existing building using sustainable/renewable energy techniques, as well as earth friendly products and practices throughout. The building would be a space for people to find out about what is happening in Eugene, a place for people to collaborate on projects and find out what resources are available in the community. The center would include: a state of the art teen center with many different arts based empowerment programs, as well as other programs and opportunities for learning and engaging in the community, a veteran support center where veterans could go to receive a variety of services, recording studio and soundproof band practice rooms, a restaurant, a place for holistic healing and preventative health modalities (massage, acupuncture, reiki, etc.), a place for affordable non-profit office spaces to encourage more collaboration, seniors activities, a performance hall, meeting rooms, tea house, childcare center, yoga/dance studio, arts and crafts education center, art studios, local retail green-business space, educational center, urban roof top garden, spiritual education/cultural center (incorporating many faiths and traditions), and much more.

Our goal is to create all of this with the underlying value and belief that we as a community can create a world where people of all races, ethnicities, genders, cultures, ages, sexual orientations and economic levels can live in mutual respect and acceptance of each other. Both respecting each other and working together! Celebrating our similarities and differences, learning from each other and reaching out to those in need of assistance.

Our goal is that everyone's basic needs will be met in our community and eventually throughout the world. Whether it is a need for food, a friend, a job, a social community, a faith tradition, financial resources, a place to a have fun, a place to get help, a place to feel safe, or a place to go to feel respected. All in the heart of our city.

Our dream is to see a community of individuals, where employment is also known as doing what you love to do.

Our goal is to foster intergenerational activities and sharing, and begin to foster more respect for our elders and young people. Our goal is that we all become more aware of how we can live harmoniously on this earth (i.e. generating less waste, using sustainable methods of eating, traveling, gardening, building, etc.).

We can live in a peaceful world where everyone has enough, where nothing is being wasted and where the earth is being taken care of for generations to come.

We believe this is happening now. Eugene has the opportunity to get on board with this movement; it will bring jobs, economic revitalization, vibrancy, and happiness to our city. We believe creating a center like this downtown will truly make Eugene a destination for the arts, as well as an example of what a vibrant, creative, locally based, sustainable downtown can look like. We look forward to working together on this project and hearing what everyone wants to create for our city.

Haley and Paul

December 6, 2007 11:52 PM   Haley Wilson

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So, from the meeting Tuesday, it sounds like you're interested in either building something new in the Sear's pit (pictured here, at 10th & Charnelton), or occupying some of the Beam project (the building in the black & white photo above). Is that right?

April 3, 2008 3:52 PM   greg

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