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 Live Music
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Evan GriffithsTango piano. Tango music advisor. Plays solo or with groups.Inquire.
Rebecca OswaldTango Piano. Arranger. Plays solo.Inquire.
John ShusterTango Guitar/voice. Currently developing a group.Inquire
Mood Area 52Tango group ... accordion, bass, cello -- and sometimes guitar, piano, drums.inquire
Conjunto BerretinFrom Portland. Alex Krebs' primary band. Allen Regnier on bass & Joe Powers on vocals/harmonicas. Sometimes with violinist Erin Furbee or jazz pianist Tom GrantHard to book. Inquire.
Ricardo CardenasTango guitar, classical guitar. Available to play in groups.Inquire.
Craig EinhornClassical guitar for Tango dancers. Plays solo, and sometimes with a group.Inquire.

Rate these groupstotal score
Conjunto Berretin18
Rebecca Oswald solo10
Craig Einhorn solo10
Evan Griffiths Tango Combo10
Evan Griffiths solo10
Duo Tango10
Claudio Mendez - Bertram Levy - Daniel Gomez10
Mood Area 529
Folias (flute & guitar)7
John Shuster Tango Combo0
Craig Einhorn group0
Ricardo Cardenas0
Open-mike milonga
midweek, live-music only

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